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Class Correspondents. The vital links in the chain between Alumni and Alma Mater.

Class Mail Review:
The Class Mail Fall 2011 Review is now available online. The review offers a summary of inputs and outcomes for the mail project, including feedback from the project survey.

Click here to read it!

Please note that a more detailed analysis of outcomes will be published in December 2011. 

You may receive a Phonathon call from Erin Jansen. Erin is one of our top callers who also helped to put pieces of this program together. She is calling to ask you to make a gift (obviously) but feel free to ask her questions if you have them.   

Mission Statement
The mission of the Class Correspondents is to foster and strengthen relationships between Alumnus/a and alma mater while soliciting support for the College’s mission.

 Current Investment

Over $30,000 has already been recorded in gifts and pledges in response to the Class Mail 2011 Project.

Further, an amazing 62% of these donors increased their gift from the last fiscal year.

Includes participating classes only
(2000 - 2011).

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 Correspondent Roster

Eldridge, Katy
Gibson, Kevin
Harding, Todd
Herald, John
Sauer, Edmund
Shaffer, Ty
Godthaab, Scott (chair)
Hearn, Cary
Hlad, Toby
McKiness, Spencer
Pittman, Aimee
Stephens, Nancy
Adams, Laura Beth
Blandford, Matt
Fugate, Wes (chair)
Fugate, Les
Hobbs, Tom
Moore, Ryan
Spindel, Megan
Tidd, Kevin

Barbato, Dominic
Booth, Katie
Carroll, Samantha
Hart, Stewart (chair)
Wolnitzek, Tiffany
Wolnitzek, Justin
Butler, Amanda
Dedman, Amy
Dexter, Stephen
Hart, Rachel (chair)
King, Rob
Bennett, Chris
Blandford, Cassie
Cutright, Jared (chair)
Hise, David
Hise, Heather
Kramer, Katie
Kramer, John

Ball, Mark
Ball, Bana
Brehm, Jim
Briggs, Jeff
Klee, Mary
Niehaus, Matthew
Niehaus, Kate
Samford, Courtney
Smith, Josh
Steinfeld, Matt (chair)

Carnes, Jay (chair)
DeSanctis, Sara
Dexter, Stacey
Duke, Kevin
Grieb, Brian and Cassie
Humphrey, Kate
Langford, Sarah
Samford, Michael
Saunier, Mary Jane
Mattingly, Kimberly (chair)
Perin, John
Proffitt, Maggie
Ray, Ben
Ronald, Mollie
U'Sellis, Taylor and Brian
Couch, Sarah
Ellestad, Karen
Gallt, Emily
Hinkel, Tyler
Tang, Tyshaun
Perrin, Emily
Peterson, Shaina
Raderer, Jacob (chair)
Gruenewald, John
Hatcher, Sarah
Jacoby, Jenny
Josic, Helena
McDonald, Clay
Mills, Amber (chair)
Overcash, Holly
Ramaswamy, Sunil
Rolfe, Laura
SoRelle, Jeff
Warner, Chase

Barsotti, Patrick
Blanchard, Dannyielle
Boldt, Jason
Dilisio, Mary Kathryn
Dorsch, Kristen
Dorsch, Amy
Fairchild, Brandyn
Hupman, Ashton (chair)
Phillips, Ronnie