September 2012 Finalists

September Pet of the Month Finalists

Submitted by: Lara Hebbeler Zimmerman '09

Our sweet can tell she know's she's in trouble for being on the bed! :)

Submitted by: Claire Hagedorn '08

 This is my baby, my orange tabby Wrigley! Named after Wrigley Field (I'm a huge Cubs fan!), he is the sweetest cat EVER! I adopted Wrigley the summer after my first year in law school and he was a constant companion during law school and studying for the bar. I probably wouldn't have made it through the stress without him! He loves people and is always ready to curl up and snuggle. As you can see he also wants to be involved in WHATEVER I'm doing! Whenever I bring out my suitcase for a trip, he insists on sitting IN the suitcase while I try to pack! I might get mad, but, c'mon, look at that face :) 

Submitted by: Elizabeth Fenwick '12

Sophie is a 5 year old Basset Hound who loves getting into mischief and playing with her favorite ball.

Submitted by: Lisa Brown '04

Mr. Davis is a giant beast of a cat that I adopted from a shelter where he had been living for a year. He's clever and affectionate, and we go on walks together every day (yes, with harness and leash). We also do clicker-training together, and he knows such exciting feats of daring as "high five" and "jump up."