October 2012

October 2012 Finalists

Daniel, submitted by Liz Ratliff '12

This is Daniel, named after Danville! He is my friend, Patty Cowley's cat actually. We both graduated last May, and we found Daniel ("Little Dude") on Centre's Campus. He kept coming around our hillside, we would feed him, and when we figured out that he definitely did not have a home of his own, Patty decided that he needed a proper home, so she promptly took him back to Louisville, and he stayed at her parents house until she graduated in May. Daniel has since gained almost eight pounds, but he is still little for his age, but still has those huge ears and whiskers! He loves to run around and play, and he will always be the little mascot of Hillside 2012!

Parker, Submitted by Doug Draut

This is Parker. He will be two on October 26. We rescued him from the Animal Care Society in Louisville (great place - no kill). He is extremely loveable and playful. Enjoys sitting in your lap while you read or playing tug-of-way with his chew rope toy. He is an excellent car rider and likes curling up on the passenger floorboard where he can feel the air-conditiong or heat (depending upon the time of the year). He is a little brother to Shadow (11 year old terrier mix) and our daughters Hannah and Alexis.

Piper, submitted by Amanda Henson '02

Piper, my 4.5 lb. Shih Tzu, is enjoying the ocean breeze. If you look close enough you will see her smile (and underbite).