Nov 2012

November 2012 Finalists

Submitted by Alison Miller '02

Violet was a stray that someone brought to the humane society. I adopted her in July.

Submitted by Savanna Norrod '12

I got Copper in sophomore year. He's a third-hand dog, starting in a flea market and going through several homes before settling with me. He enjoys hiking, coffee, whole sticks of butter stolen off the counter, and settling his whole 70 pounds in my lap. He is friendly to babies, though he has a ferocious bark.
Submitted by Anna Cable '07

This is Oscar, beloved companion of the Cable household for close to 17 years. His only request is to lie at your feet when you watch TV. He just likes to be in your presence; that alone will satisfy him. He didn't even flinch when I got down on the floor with him this day.
Submitted by Blake Matthews '83

Lucy is the Matthews family dog. She is 11/2 year old puggle. She is terrified of paper blowing down the street but has no fear when charging the neighborhood dogs (she thinks they all just want to play).