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Role of the Class Correspondent

The mission of the Class Correspondents is to foster and strengthen relationships between alumnus/a and alma mater while soliciting support for the College’s mission.

The importance of the Class Correspondents cannot be underestimated. Correspondents are an essential link in the chain and will be key to the ongoing success of Centre. The ideal Correspondent will have enthusiasm for the role, will be organized, and will be comfortable soliciting the support of peers. It is expected that Class Correspondents are also enthusiastic donors to the Centre Fund – though there is no minimum level of support required. As always, it is participation that counts.

Class Correspondents collaborate, communicate, and cultivate.




Correspondents will work as a group to devise an annual strategy for the class. This will include participating in two online meetings and responding to a few emails and phone calls. All members of the class will be divided among the correspondents to create personal ‘contact’ lists.



This should be a two-way stream between correspondent and contact, but will likely be initiated by the Correspondent. One essential reason for making contact will be to solicit a gift to the Centre Fund each year. Correspondents will send two yearly mail solicitations, and follow up via email, Facebook, phone calls, and whichever other forms of communication are preferred. Centre will assist as much as possible to reduce the time burden, but there will be two times per year that the level of commitment will be more intense (early fall and late spring). Once a contact has made a gift, they will not be solicited again during the current fiscal year.



This is the ‘beyond giving’ part – it is as limitless as you want it to be. Correspondents should keep Centre informed of their contacts’ life events (births, marriages, employment, etc.) and keep contacts informed of news from campus. Correspondents are also able to nominate contacts for alumni association awards, and can personally invite contacts to attend alumni events in their area. Correspondents may also assist in locating 'lost' alumni. 


The Office of Development will do everything in its power to aid correspondents in their efforts. This includes providing the necessary tools and materials for soliciting contacts. Please also refer to the solicitation strategy timeline in order to understand the expected time commitment throughout the year.