Pet of the Month

We are accepting your best pet photos for the Centre Alumni Pet of the Month!  Entries will be accepted until the 20th of each month, unless otherwise specified.  Any entries accepted after the 20th will be automatically entered in the next month.  From the entries received, the top photos will be chosen as finalists.  Then the voting will begin!  The pet who receives the most votes will be awarded title Centre Alumni Pet of the Month and will receive a special gift!  Click here to enter your pet.  Good luck and may the best critter win!

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July 2018


Submitted by Jessica Craig '15

I adopted Cass in January and she is the perfect cat! She is so curious and friendly, she gets along with everyone she meets - especially if they give her scratches. Recently she has been cooling off by hanging out in the tub during these hot days.


Submitted by Sherry Jensen '05

Morgan is a rescue pup who quickly wins the affection of everyone who meets him!


Submitted by Madeleine Loftus '17

My pet Bracken is amazing. He is a field bred English Cocker Spaniel and is 4 years old. He is a hunting dog, and is probably the sweetest creature you'll ever meet. His kind eyes and gentle spirit could warm even the coldest heart. His favorite activities include: swimming, cuddling, and cheering on CWS in all their games. :)


Submitted by Kate Lenhart '13

This is Ruby! She's a five year old Cattle Dog mix. She was rescued at a year old and loves to hike, swim, run agility, and eat! She also knows tons of tricks.




Submitted by Katie Vaught '15

This is Hamilton. He's a little over a year old and still loves to play all day long. Here, he is napping next to me while I study for the Maryland Bar Exam.


Submitted by Paige Poggemeier '16

This is Oscar Ledford and he is one spunky pup! He is six months old now and has learned so much since coming into our lives at 8 weeks old. The first day he met his mom was when his dad (Andrew Ledford, Class of 2015) proposed to her! Oscar loves snuggles, treats, and playing with friendly pups and people! Oscar is such a sweet little guy who deserves to be shared with everyone.