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We are accepting your best pet photos for the Centre Alumni Pet of the Month!  Entries will be accepted until the 1st of each month, unless otherwise specified.  Any entries accepted after the 1st will be automatically entered in the next month.  From the entries received, the top photos will be chosen as finalists.  Then the voting will begin!  The pet who receives the most votes will be awarded title Centre Alumni Pet of the Month!  Click here to enter your pet.  Good luck and may the best critter win!

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November 2014


Submitted by Abby Burns '10

This is Rupert Dane - my Blue Great Dane living the "ruff" life :)


Submitted by Sunny Mills '91

Raleigh is an ADA service animal and therapy dog that worked with Wounded Warriors (amputation and traumatic brain injury patients) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to assist them navigating the community and with their rehabilitation program. I am his professional handler and owner. Raleigh worked full time with me for three years in the WRAMC Physical Therapy Clinic bringing help, motivation and friendship to many Army Soldiers and Families. He is pictured here with his 'cat brother' Chipmunk. They are best pals always tagging along with each other!


Submitted by Chuck Martin '75

This is Stella. My wife, Amy Lynn, and I adopted her from a vet clinic in Maysville, KY. She is two. We think she's a Norwegian Forest Cat. She's the daughter I never had.


Submitted by Elizabeth Caudill Ley '06

This is Theo my 17.1 hand (that is really large) German Westphalian best friend. My time with him is the best therapy / stress reliever I could ask for!

Check out our past finalists!